Lanyards: for all conventions & occasions!

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$4.95 (plus shipping and handling.)

In order for me to process these in
a timely manner, I'll need 3 pieces
of information:

  1. Exactly how many do you need?

  2. What's the ZIP code (or country) so I can figure shipping?

  3. What email address should I send the Paypal invoice to?

You can email me at...

Once I get the coin, I'll bundle up
the booty and ship it off.  The loot
should get to you in about a week,
give or take a sundown or two.

Make a strong, yet always
fashionable statement.

Nothing says you're on the right
side like these all-purpose Serenity,
Browncoat lanyards. Whether you're
navigating the hazardous halls of a
convention center or find yourself in
an Alliance friendly bar, you can
keep your keys, cell phone or trusty
peacemaker safe at hand or neck.

They're made of a durable tubular
Polyester weave, and measuring
about 19" long by 5/8" wide. Each
one features a sturdy swivel clasp.
Choose from three vibrant colors to
fit any and all occasions in
traditional rebel brown, a stylish jet
black or fierce firebrick red.

Are you in need a bulk order for
your next convention? We offer
discounts on larger orders. Email
me for a quote.


Due to the overwhelming popularity for these items, our inventory fluctuates from time to time. Therefore, all orders are fulfilled based on the availability of stock at the time the order is placed. Thank you for your patience.