He'll guide you through to parallel Parking!

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$1.95 (plus shipping and handling.)

In order for me to process these in
a timely manner, I'll need 3 pieces
of information:

  1. Exactly how many do you need?

  2. What's the ZIP code (or country) so I can figure shipping?

  3. What email address should I send the Paypal invoice to?

You can email me at...

Once I get the coin, I'll bundle up
the booty and ship it off.  The loot
should get to you in about a week,
give or take a sundown or two.

Make your dashboard
ready for the only
deity fit to ride it!

Dear Buddha, Please bring me a
pony, a plastic rocket and less
traffic. A safe trip. Cheaper gas.
A parking space! Attach this little
Buddha to your dashboard to
keep a watchful eye on you
during yourtravels. Can also be
placed oncomputers for faster download speeds, or any place
you might need that little extra

Made from molded resin to look
like mahogany, this beatified
Buddha measures 1.25" high and
0.75" wide, so as not to obscure
your view but only see you
through to enlightenment and
parallel parking.