Serenity Browncoat Silicone Bracelets

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Show your Independence! These 100% genuine
silicone bracelets are custom made right here
in the USA and come in your choice of color:
Chocolate Brown Camouflage
(with it's own unique swirl design) - or -
Solid Brown and Black. Both are debossed with
the Chinese characters for Serenity followed by
the word BROWNCOAT.  Shiny!

All bracelets come in either Adult size (7.9")
or Child size (7.1")
Normally, you'd expect to pay a powerful sum
of money for such a practical piece of pretty,
but I'm in an obliging mood and will let them
go for the paltry sum of...

$3.95 (plus shipping and handling, naturally.)


Due to the overwhelming popularity
of the brown and black bracelets, our
inventory on these items fluctuate
from time to time. Therefore, all
orders are fulfilled based on the
availability of stock at the time the
order is placed. Thank you for your

In order for me to process these in a timely manner, I'll need 3 pieces of information:

  1. Exactly how many do you need?

  2. What's the ZIP code (or country) so I can figure shipping?

  3. What email address should I send the Paypal invoice to?

You can email me at:

Once I get the coin, I'll bundle up the booty and
ship it off.  The loot should get to you in about a
week, give or take a sundown or two.

And remember...

May not have been the winning side,
still not convinced it was the wrong one.