" It really IS Bigger On The Inside! "

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This shiny bluest blue jumbo sized tote is perfect for carrying home loads of Fish Fingers and Custard, but it’s also great for carrying laundry, books, art supplies, or that takeout food from your local restaurant.  Not to mention taking it to the next convention to load up on all that free swag!  You can even use it as a really cool and reusable gift bag!  And it will comfortably fit a Fez, or two, or three!  Sorry, contents pictured not included.  You’ll need to buy your own.

Made from sturdy premium quality
non-woven polypropylene, it’s 100% recyclable and reusable with extra long reinforced 20 inch carrying handles, 10 inch side and bottom gussets with a plastic bottom insert for extra support. And what makes this tear resistant and water repellent bag even better is that it’s made from recycled materials!

Dimentions: 13" w x 15" h x 10" d

$4.95 (plus shipping and handling.)

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