" We Held The Valley! "

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The One Year Anniversary
B3 Convention Bracelet

A whole year has come and gone and to
celebrate its passing we're releasing this
special Anniversary edition of a B3 silicone
bracelet. Modeled after the brilliant
orange wristband that we wore with pride
during the convention, this memento will
tell everyone that you were part of a
historic moment in Flandom history.

They are in limited supply, so get your orders in before this too will pass.

$2.95 (FREE shipping and handling.)

In order for me to process these in a timely manner, I'll need 3 pieces of information:

  1. Exactly how many do you need?

  2. What's the ZIP code (or country) so I can figure shipping?

  3. What email address should I send the Paypal invoice to?

You can email me at...

Once I get the coin, I'll bundle up
the booty and ship it off.  The loot
should get to you in about a week,
give or take a sundown or two.