Welcome to the Wash-o-store!

As you can see we're back from Comic-Con and we've
spruced up the online store and added some new product.
The Kaylee Bear patch and our Earth friendly shopping
bags. These bags are a one of a kind collectors item with
original artwork. So get your orders in before there all gone

In addition to the online store here, we also have placed a
number of our best selling items and rare collectables on
eBay. Click on the link to see what we have on the
eBay site. > My items on eBay

We're open and ready for business!

If you've happen to noticed, the beloved goslings have flown
the coop and are no longer available for sale on this site but
from time to time we might have them available on eBay. So
click on the eBay link above to see if they're nesting there.

In the meantime, why not stay a spell and check out all our
special bits o' pretty, there's no immediate rush. And when
you've settled up with the mercantile, perhaps you might
pay a visit to some of my favorite places on the cortex by
clicking on the "WEB LINKS" below. I'd be much obliged to ya.