Welcome to my links!

Don't be shy now. Listed below are some good friends
of mine and I have it on good authority that they'd love
a visit from all you good folk.

Why that's Horrible!
Sing-along with the bad doctor.

The place for everything Whedon.

You know you want to hit that avatar!

The New Serenity | Browncoats Board

SoCal Browncoats, My home away from home.

Browncoats, Uber Alles!

For all things 'verse related, here's the one-stop-shop.

Competition? Feh! Heidi has some really shiny stuff!

The mercantile with the most!

For art at the heart of the 'verse,
you can't beat the 11th Hour.

When the Alliance has you in a corner, there's
always a Black Market to help you out!

It's what makes the 'verse the 'verse. There's
only one place to get that Serenity maquette.

This site is worth more than just a Gorram look. See for yourself!

Sadly, Paul lost his battle with brain cancer and he'll be surely missed.
If you can help out his family, I'd be much obliged to y'all.

Because Jeff loves me, and I love him!